Friday, February 3, 2017

Write What Works

When you're a writer, you come up against many rules. Do this, don't do that, avoid these xyz. But here is the only "rule" I think matters, no matter what all the "experts" say...

Does it work?

Does your opening work? Does this character work? Does this setting/world/POV/dialect/motivation/etc, etc, WORK? The only time a specific person's "DO" and "DON'T" matter is when you are trying to get your work to appeal to that one specific person. Realize that those exacting pet peeves of one publishing professional are not necessarily anything that will bother the next publishing professional. 

Attend any agent/editor conference panel and watch as they contradict each other. You'll find that these rules are sometimes really just opinions.

And honestly, if it "works" chances are most gatekeepers will run the hurdles of their own "must nots" to connect with you and your work anyway.  

Write well, write what works.