Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday is for Writers: 9/21/16

My kids and my niece looking pretty joyous.

Welcome to my first Wednesday is for Writers post where I plan to write about anything that may relate to writing, being a writer, becoming a writer, not writing...you get the idea.

Today, coming straight off a morning meditation about judgement, I'm thinking about all the ways we as writers judge other writers and ourselves.

Spending too much time on the internet will quickly reveal that there are any number of opinions out there about what makes a "real" writer.

From one extreme:
  • Are you an international, best selling, lifting the literary conscious of the entire reading world to grander heights of actually contributing something new and worthwhile to the canon?
To the complete opposite end:
  • Did you happened to wake up this morning and entertain the thought of possibly penning a memoir (maybe, you're not sure yet)?
There are PLENTY of opinions (many kinder than others) about "real" writers.
Between these outlier extremes, most of us writers fall somewhere in-between and often make (probably silent) judgements about ourselves and other writers regarding where everyone falls on the Writer Success Continuum.

It is a silly mind game with no purpose or outcome other than personal misery.

This morning, during that meditation, I was reminded that it is unnecessary and easy to stop this particular cycle of internal conflict. You simply stop engaging with it. Which requires nothing more than noticing when an especially toxic thought, about yourself or another, arises. Recognizing that thought for what it truly is, its complete lack of positive purpose in your creative life or the life of others, and then, let it go.


Repeat as often as necessary until real joy for yourself and others returns to your soul. Then, go write.

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