Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference 2016

Teaching: Inciting Incident, Don't Wait Until Page 50
Last weekend I had the honor of teaching two workshops and sitting on one panel at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference in Denver, Colorado.
Teaching: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict in the Young Adult Novel
The event was packed with excellent programming and wonderful writers, both traditionally published and independent, who graciously and generously shared their experiences and knowledge about writing the publishing world.
Cocktails with: Shawn McGuire, Sue Duff, Kristi Helvig, and A.G. Henley
There was also plenty of opportunity to catch up with my writer friends, have a drink, and plan all the next moves. If you're not already familiar with Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, here is the link to their website. They offer lots of fantastic programming throughout the year for writers looking to improve their craft and make connections to other writers in their local community.


  1. I've heard that it is a geat organization, but it is a little far to travel.

    1. Hi Oscar. Yes, a great place for writers...I would encourage you to find something similar closer to home. Always a good idea to connect.

  2. It was a good time...also educational!