Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings: 9/26/16

Affective Needs in some fine "Also Bought" company I see

  • Despite having only one review on Amazon, my Affective Needs is still selling consistently every day. I'm thinking it must be because of how it's popping up on the "Also Bought" pages of some very popular YA contemporary books. That's really great news for me and my little book. Keep going book, I believe in you.
  • The past week, actually the past month, has been fairly crazy with bookish events. Which is great, I mean, let's sell some books. But it's also tough on the writer system when it comes to getting NEW writing accomplished. While I'm a firm believer that when an opportunity presents itself that allows a writer to connect with readers, especially indie writers who often need all the marketing help and exposure they can get, it's of paramount importance to always get BACK TO THE ACTUAL WRITING. We can't forever rest on the laurels of what we have already written and pushed out into the world.
  • So this week, I'm looking at my pretty quiet calendar for the next few weeks and getting really excited about making real progress toward finishing my short story for the 2017 Wicked Ink anthology. That anthology was open to submissions from other writers outside the WI clan and I have to say, there were some really exciting submissions! I can't wait to let the writers know that their stories are going to be published with us! Sadly...I must still wait or all the other WI authors will kill me.
  • And speaking of WI, the emails are beginning to fly as we prepare the creation and launch of next year's anthology. So many moving parts! The submission window for 2017 is closed, but if you're interested in writing a spec-fic short story, keep an eye out next spring/summer when we open the sub gates for the 2018 anthology.
  • And my final Monday Musing: as soon as my short story for the anthology is complete (by Wednesday of this week) I will return my efforts to completing the final book in my Ascendant Trilogy, DESCENDANT. I'm excited but also nervous to finish out the series. It's awesome to actually see that story round out and imagine typing The End for Charlotte, Caleb, Hayden, and Sophie. But it also leads the mind into the land of What Next? I have several concepts percolating, but they also have me asking myself even larger questions such as: More YA? Possibly a middle grade? And what about adult? Being an indie writer is wonderful because you have the freedom to explore any idea you like--and publish it. But is it more important to stick with an age demographic and continue to try and build upon your existing audience? I don't have an answer to any of this and will continue to mull it over. If any of you have thoughts/opinions on the matter, please feel free to share.