Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom

(review is based on an uncorrected proof)
When her father is abducted, 17-year-old Gwendolyn Bloom must methodically search the underbelly of the European crime world and face off against the ruthless men who rule there. Over the course of the novel, this once middle-class teen’s metamorphosis into the hard edge of cruelty she will need to become in order to save her father and herself is both fascinating and magnificent to observe. Gwendolyn becomes powerful, strong, a chiseled weapon of muscle and determination—watching her become a dark hero able to out-think and outgun the most vicious of bad guys feels like vindication. Bergstrom's plot is tight and fantastically executed, sure to please readers longing for a high-octane young adult thriller unlike anything else currently out there. However, I do have a warning. Upon finishing this book female readers may experience an overwhelming compulsion to sign up for lessons in Krav Maga. 

To say that I enjoyed this book tremendously is an understatement. 

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