Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Judgment: A-Z Challenge

My themes for this year’s A-Z challenge are writing, the writer’s life, and living in the creative flow.

I wish it weren’t true, but the simple fact is, you will be judged.

Oh yes.

I don’t just mean, “here’s your next painfully professional but standard rejection letter” or the harshest feedback back from your critique group.

I mean that backstabby, nasty, JUDGMENTAL judging.

Yes, there’s that.

I can’t speak about other artistic professions because I’ve never pursued others beyond writing, but in this profession, there seems to be a proliferation of feels about there only being enough room for a few people.

And if you’re taking up reader oxygen, well, then what the hell am I suppose to survive on. Something like—if you are succeeding, then that is detracting from my success…somehow.

This is one small part.

The other appears to be about those strong but yet unactualized desires of the judger. The beliefs and fears they have about their own work. Maybe if they tear you down a few stories then they might feel better about themselves…somehow.

Next week begins my regular blogging with the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and my topic, perfectionism and self-criticism, dovetails with my post here and hopefully helps explain why some feel the need to be judgmental in the first place. So stay tuned for that!

But for now, it’s important to know that when you put yourself out there, people will start to pay attention. And when people pay attention, sometimes they cheer you on. That is awesome.

And sometimes, they throw crap at you instead.

Of course none of this is a big deal once you move past being afraid of crap. But before you wrangle that fear, just remember that all that negative stuff meant to take away, detract, and make you smaller—it doesn’t matter. What they think and say doesn’t matter.

They never have any power over you unless you allow it.

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  1. People can be so very judgemental can't they. And on the internet there is no filter.. they don't have to be rude to your face... they don't have to get out of their daggy clothes and walk to the post box to post off their criticism.. let alone get to the PO to buy the stamp... they can lay back in their whatevers and dash off their opinions and criticisms...

    I'm a quilter and I have found that fellow quilters can also be very nasty about other people's work... far more so on the internet than if they were speaking to you in person. Mind you I have also found some wonderfully supportive people out there and I tend to leave groups that have too many negative people in them. We don't have to sit around sucking up to each other and heaping praise but truly ... neither is their a necessity to tear each other down. All the best in the rest of the challenge Philipa aka Ozzypip from ozzypipquilts.blogspot.com