Thursday, April 7, 2016

Career Writer: A-Z Challenge

My themes for this year’s A-Z challenge are writing, the writer’s life, and living in the creative flow.

If you are serious about being a writer, then call it your career.

an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework

to run or move rapidly along; go at full speed

It didn’t happen overnight for me, it took time for me to believe that writing was a viable career. I wanted it, sure, but I didn’t see how I could make the shift from my day job to full time writer.

It happened slowly, one day, one book at a time. But the shift really accelerated once I stopped thinking of the time I spent writing as expendable.

Writing is my career.

It is now my profession, lifework, and I move rapidly toward it at full speed.

Before I shifted my thinking toward being in the middle of my writing career, writing was something I had to make time for. When I was lucky to find that time. Everything else came first. And the biggest time contender, like many of you, was always the job I already had. At minimum, fifty hours every week was committed to meeting the requirements and expectations of that job—not including commute time. Every hour spent working for someone else was an hour not spent working for myself moving rapidly toward the career I really wanted.

As I said, it didn’t happen overnight, and I needed the proof first, books out in the world selling and being read by readers, before I was able to completely jump. And that jump made me pause, think, doubt—but I did it anyway.

When the signs were there that it was time, when I could no longer keep up with both careers because I am only one person who also requires sleep, I switched.

My gut and my heart told me it was the right thing to do.

And time will tell if I chose wisely.

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