Friday, April 1, 2016

Anticipate: A-Z Challenge

My themes for this year’s A-Z challenge are writing, the writer’s life, and living in the creative flow.

Anticipate that the goals you have set yourself, and your daily actions, on course with are on their way to showing up in your life.

It’s important to set goals for your work, your career, your life…we all know this. But once you’ve set your course and begun working, every day you can, toward their actualization, don’t forget to anticipate arrival at your destinations.

In my experience, achievement is an interesting thing. It tends to show up seemingly out of the blue, on that day you weren’t particularly expecting it—but always and only, after you’ve been putting down steps headed for it.

Keeping moving, keep working, but also anticipate that what you’re working for will one day arrive.


  1. You are so right. I have such a butterfly brain that I have to be quite strict with myself. I was fine when I worked on newspapers and had deadlines but now I am freelance I really have to plan ahead.

  2. I wouldn't call myself a writer but I set a goal of writing something every work day (and Saturday's in April). A writer writes.

  3. Very true. Life has its own ways of presenting itself to us.

  4. I'm not sure I ever anticipate reaching the end goal; which then makes it hard to start - it seems so far off! I definitely need to get better at writing everyday. If I did, I'd hit my goals faster.

    I hope you're continuing with the A to Z Challenge posts, I'm really interested in seeing what other posts you come up with! :)

    - Charlotte from 学习Sprachen