Friday, January 1, 2016

Cover Reveal: Affective Needs

Available July 2016--Preorder here

Here it is! The cover for my new young adult contemporary--Affective Needs. Thank you to every single one of my newsletter subscribers who offered feedback, as well as to all my fellow Wicked Ink Writers (see right sidebar for links to their individual sites.)

When my usual cover designer said she was not going to be able to get at what I was really looking for in a concept, well, I'm not going to lie--I panicked just a little bit. She's done ALL MY COVERS.

I considered searching around for a new designer, I mean, it's not like I don't know PLENTY of writers who have good people to recommend.

But then I started playing around in Photoshop--and this happened. Now I know AUTHORS SHOULD NEVER DESIGN THEIR OWN COVERS--they are notoriously bad at it. I know this, truly. Having acknowledged my own writer stupidity, I also realized that this cover was the first impression I really wanted to communicate about this particular book.

It pretty much perfectly sums up Ruth and Porter's circumstances in life and the relationship they have together.

Still--I asked my newsletter subscribers and fellow Wicked Ink Writers for their opinions before deciding this was THE ONE.

AFFECTIVE NEEDS: Preorder here

Ninety-two days. That’s all that’s left. Just ninety-two days and Ruth Robinson, calculus genius, will stand with her arms raised in a triumphant V as the valedictorian of Roosevelt High. With her early admit to Princeton’s Neuroscience program burning a hole in her pocket, Ruth can hardly wait to show her fellow teenage troglodytes that while she didn’t have followers, friends, or “times” in basements, she was the one ending up on top.

All she needs to do is white knuckle her way through this “waiting place” last semester and then, finally, she’ll be “on her way!!” just like Dr. Seuss promised. Except, the first day back from winter break, Porter Creed shows up. Porter is a special education transfer—Affective Needs. And just like all the other desk flippers and chair throwers in the affective needs classroom, Porter has some major emotional problems. He is exactly the type of kid Ruth’s mother always deals with—because Ruth’s mother is the school psychologist. But when Porter strolls onto Ruth’s home turf, Advanced Calculus, and disrupts her axis by being both gorgeous and the only person better at math than her—Ruth begins to realize that maybe John Lennon was right, life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.


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Happy 2016!!!


  1. Congrats on the cover! I know other authors who do covers as well and make their own. If you're good at it, why not?

    1. Thanks Kelly. Yes, if you're good at it...go for it :-)