Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Graph of How my Free Giveaway of Ascendant is Going

This is a screen shot of the free Kindle downloads of ASCENDANT. I started running the offer this morning and by 6:30pm, there have been over 500 downloads of the book.

I had no idea there would be so many!

Now I realize that there is no way of knowing the percentage of downloads that will lead to reads, reviews, and purchases of the second book in the series, but I'm curious to see what happens as a result.

Here is a screen shot of the book ranking so far.

The promotion is scheduled to run through the weekend. I'll keep posting the results and how it's going.

Do you have experience with doing these Amazon promotions? I'd love to hear about your thoughts and outcomes.


  1. Nice! That's a great graph!!! Congrats!

    1. Thank you Tyrean! I'm going to post another when the giveaway finishes today and share the results.