Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful 2015

As I prepare to drive myself, husband, and children up to Cheyenne, Wyoming to spend the day with tons of family and indulge in ALL THE FOODS, I want to take a minute to write down all that I am grateful for this year:
  • My children. They are amazing, and smart, and healthy, and kind, and challenging, and the reason I know the true measure of love.
  • My husband. He is loving, and smart, and healthy, and works hard every day to support this family and seems to love us all a great deal, even when we, collectively, are difficult.
  • My family. They are big, and messy, and kind, and supportive, and a safe place to land if and when you happen to fall down. 
  • My health. Because I experienced not having this, and ever since that time I now know it makes all the difference in the world. 
  • My home. It's safe, mostly clean most of the time, gathers together the people I love most in this world, and keeps us warm and sheltered from the rain and snow. 
  • My job. I get to work with dedicated teachers and staff who fight the good fight for the kids that probably need their efforts the most, and I get to be amazed by those kids and be a part of their lives and growth while also being able to be home with my own children at a reasonable time every night and during their breaks from school so that my "mommy guilt" is kept to a minimum. 
  • My writing. It's a never ending well of possibility that excites and exercises my love of creativity and desire to connect with people through the written word. 
This Thanksgiving, I am deeply grateful for my every blessing in this world, because the people and things I've listed, and so much more, are tremendous gifts that I get to have in my world every, single, day.

Many people in this world, too many, never or rarely get to even feel safe, warm, or well fed.

So I am exceedingly grateful--be very grateful.

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