Saturday, May 30, 2015

What I'm Writing This Summer



Sorry, I just get a bit excited about this.

I love my work as a psychologist, and I'm good at my job, but I love working as a writer as well. Reconciling these two careers, as in TIME, can be challenging. Not impossible, clearly, because I DO IT. But I always love when this time of year arrives because I don't have to try and balance two roads--I erect a road block in my brain for my day job and drive one hundred and twenty miles an hour down Writer Road.

It's pretty awesome :-)

Thursday night I was meeting with one of my two book club groups and I was asked, "So, now you have all this time, what are you working on now?"

Now usually, summer is the time for me to knock out most of the first draft of a book. And, I have three solid new book ideas that I am DYING to get started on. I love them all--seriously.

However, I am not allowed to even glance in their direction until a few other things happen first. What are those things? Basically, I have to clean up after my other projects.

1. Finish laying out Midheaven and kick that baby out of the fricken nest (like within the next week)

2. Get the print version of The Exquisite and Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinoza set up in InDesign and uploaded to Lighting Source (by the end of June) so the physical book can be ready for purchase

3. Finish edits for Affective Needs and decide what is the right thing to do with this book (a few editors are quietly considering this title--we are VERY hopeful about this but also not holding our breath--so we'll see) 

I have promised myself, nothing new until all of these things are squared away. This is soooo hard because I LOVE starting new projects--very exciting times!--but this also gives me a huge motivation for shoring up these loose ends.

And I now have ALL THE TIME--we are delirious with joy.

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