Sunday, July 13, 2014

Which Road--Traditional or Self Publishing?

With so much changing and in flux with the publishing industry, it can be difficult for a writer to know what are the best options, the best choices, to make for their writing and their career.

When I started writing, it was simpler simply because there were less real options. Write a book. Query agents. Get rejected.

Or not (if you were really, really, really LUCKY.)

And then, your agent sent you out on submission--and you got rejected.

(unless you were really, really, REALLY lucky)

So it was simple, even if that simplicity was ultimately a depressingly horrid existence that wrecked havoc on the majority of writers' innately delicate egos.

Today, with the ease and accessibility of self-publishing, there are more options, more choices--but we lose the simplicity of non-choice. Some writers yell to the heavens, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Then stride happily on in full command, for better or worse, of their projects.

But some get a little paralyzed at where the roads diverge in that yellow wood.

With a completed manuscript in hand, which now equally traveled road should we head down?

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