Monday, July 14, 2014

Expert Opinions Are Still Just Opinions

My backyard this morning

You might be surprised to know that some people hold to their particular traditional publishing beliefs VERY tightly--very. I have tried to make it a practice to always at least listen to "experts" in the field, even if and when I didn't necessary agree with their opinion.

Here is something I have taken away from all this listening.

1. Frequently people socialize within a fairly small, like minded group (on Twitter, Facebook, or New York) and that small group tends to hold the same, or very similar, beliefs. Everyone is standing around patting each other on the back and so it can become one big circle jerk of same information.

2. People can feel quite hostile in the face of information and or beliefs that threaten their livelihood.

3. Rarely does any one person have a birds-eye, complete big picture view of a situation--I don't care how many Twitter followers they have.

So I try to always listen, especially when my knee-jerk instinct is to cry BS--but ALWAYS consider the source.

Change can be difficult and scary and sometimes people struggle to visualize their role (because maybe they won't have one unless they are willing to overhaul their current practices) in the "after" image.

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