Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 Quick Tips To Increase Your Writing Productivity

11 quick tips to increase your writing productivity

1. Take your laptop with you--everywhere
2. Have a daily writing goal (that's obtainable)
3. Break that daily writing goal into small chunks
4. Write for 15 minutes--then stop. Repeat later
5. Macfreedom, turn off wifi!
6. Reinforcement--You can only do X (fun thing you love) after you write for 15 minutes
7. Get up 30 minutes earlier
8. Stay up 30 minutes later
9. Never watch a rerun or movie you have already seen
10. Lunch breaks are for writing
11. Try to never go 1 day without writing, even if it's only 1 sentence


  1. Like your site Rebecca. Thanks for the tips. Off to set my daily writing goal. x

  2. Rebecca, these are great tips, thank you. Would you have anymore advice for a new writer with early writers block. I have only wrote 2 chapters (~30 pgs) and i already can't think any further.

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