Thursday, June 26, 2014

ASCENDANT Won the Colorado Book Award

My book, ASCENDANT, won the Colorado Book Award in the Young Adult category! Here are some pictures from the event that was held at the GORGEOUS Jerome Hotel in Aspen Colorado.

All the winners

My support group

Thank you Colorado Humanities and Center for the Book--I'm honored!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 Quick Tips To Increase Your Writing Productivity

11 quick tips to increase your writing productivity

1. Take your laptop with you--everywhere
2. Have a daily writing goal (that's obtainable)
3. Break that daily writing goal into small chunks
4. Write for 15 minutes--then stop. Repeat later
5. Macfreedom, turn off wifi!
6. Reinforcement--You can only do X (fun thing you love) after you write for 15 minutes
7. Get up 30 minutes earlier
8. Stay up 30 minutes later
9. Never watch a rerun or movie you have already seen
10. Lunch breaks are for writing
11. Try to never go 1 day without writing, even if it's only 1 sentence

Thursday, June 5, 2014

16 Year Anniversary

Becky and Rod--16 years
Yesterday was my 16th wedding anniversary (although we never had a wedding--we eloped and I called my mother from a bar afterwards to tell her the news!) It's important to have people who love and support you in this life--I'm enormously grateful for this love, and friendship.
He said my eyes look "sexy" in this pic--I think I look drunk

He has the perfect long arms for selfies