Monday, March 11, 2013

The Believing Comes First

No, I'm not giving up YA and turning into a motivational writer/speaker. But I want to take a second of your time to either remind you (or tell you for the first time?) all of your life becomes miraculously more flow like (see why I'm not a motivational speaker--flow like?) when you can get yourself into a positive mental space.

Did that statement annoy you? Make you angry?

Did it make you feel like I was implying you are to a great degree responsible for the energy you put out into this world and thus the energy you attract into your life? Like that crazy negative boss that sends insanity making, emergency sounding emails with no less than eleven different "MUST NOWS" embedded in them.

Well good, because that's IS what I meant. (Not the "angry" part so much--more the personally responsible stuff. In fact if you are feeling a ton of anger you might as well erect a brick wall to ward off all the lovely wishes you do have in life. Ever notice how lovely things rarely happen to perpetually angry people?)

Ten years ago, I was no where near being an author.

Several years ago, I wanted to write a book. It didn't happen until I believed I could write a book.

A few years ago, I wanted to find an agent. It didn't happen until I believed I was a good enough writer to get one.

Last year, I wanted a publisher to publish my book. It didn't happen until I KNEW my book was ready enough for someone to want it.

This year, I still want some things. But I've learned a few tricks and now I believe FIRST and then watch for signs that my things are on the way. 

Right now, think of the one thing you want most in this world. Maybe to be a writer? An agented writer? A published writer? A New York Times Bestselling writer? A veterinarian?-->>(vets, you might want a different blog, just saying.) Now, do you already feel that way? Be honest. Do you feel like you ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED the thing you want. No? Can you at least imagine already being there?

Because you need to. You need to be able to see it, feel it, believe it. You need to have the confidence that you belong to that accomplishment--first. Yes, I mean before there are any real signs that what you're swimming towards may even be on the horizon. Then, once you manage to grab a hold of that feeling, you have to hang on to it. ALWAYS. Never drop it. Never doubt it. Never stop believing in yourself and you'll be half way there. 

The next half of the way involves taking the steps necessary towards that image you're holding onto. Start doing the things, the activities that the image of accomplished you would have to do.

Write (most important thing!!)
Find a critique partner
Attend a conference
Build a website
Start a blog (or use the one you have :-)
Join Twitter--and tweet
Start calling yourself a writer (or, *gasp* an author) OUT LOUD and don't cringe when you say it
Order business cards
Apply to vet school (again, I'm sure there are some vet blogs out there.)

Whatever you can that moves you into that sense of ALREADY being there.

Now stop reading this blog and go write that book!