Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gearing Up for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference 2012

What am I doing today you may ask? Well, I'm getting ready for the start of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference (or RMFW for short.) Here are a couple pics of what "getting ready" entails. Basically lots of pre-release marketing.
Goodie bags to pass out
Close up of that white label. Inside is a red pen and chocolate. Cause it really is ALL you need...although I could have added a tissue for when you are completely overwhelmed and need to dry up all those tears.
Back of the postcard stapled to the other side
Front of the postcard
 My goals for this years conference?

1. To pass out every single one of these bags
2. To talk to and network with as many friendly people as possible
3. To meet fellow CMP author Marne Ann Kirk, in the real!
4. To visit the famous "hospitality suite"

I will take as many pics as I remember to and share them all next week. Also, tomorrow I will be blogging the reveal for this weeks FACT or FICTION blog hop...stay tuned...


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    1. How funny, I think we were leaving the exact same comment on each others blog at the same time! I'll look for you and you look for me!