Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Colorado

I had wanted to post these pics from when the fam and I headed up Trail Ridge Road and hiked around above the tree line--but I forgot.

Needless to say, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Mama Llama

Baby Llamas

Me and The Husband
I always tell people that, growing up in a military family, I'm from a little bit of everywhere. But now I'm all grown up I think it's pretty obvious why I call Colorado home.


  1. Beautiful! I love living in Colorado :)

  2. Yay Colorado! Didn't make it over Trail Ridge this year. We usually love taking Fall River Road up. So beautiful. :)

  3. I was there in early July except there was a lot more snow on the mountains! I think we took a picture at that same spot! and we saw some elk!

  4. Jess, I can't imagine living anywhere else (except maybe in April when winter just won't shove off.)

  5. L.G. I've never been up Fall River Road...will have to investigate.

  6. Laura, we actually didn't see a single elk when we went. Totally weird because they're usually all over.

  7. Beautiful! Both your family and the scenary!

  8. I agree. Colorado's beautiful. I loved it when I lived there.

    You're hubby's tall! Or are you short? Or is it a combination of both? ;)

    Love the the baby llamas, too. You have a lovely family.

  9. Hi Donna, yes it's both. He's 6.4 and I'm 5.3.

  10. Hi Becky! I was reading this post when my husband looked over my shoulder and starting laughing really hard. I said, "What are you laughing at?" And he pointed to the caption about Mama Llama. So then I laughed too because my oldest son calls me Mama Llama! He loves to give me silly nicknames. This was so much fun!

    I was so surprised when I came to your blog and saw that you live in Colorado! For some strange reason, I thought you lived in Ohio. Go figure. You're not so far away as I thought! It was such a blast tweeting with you the other day!

    I've really missed coming over to your blog. I've been so busy with the Platform Building Campaigner Blogfest and other stuff at home. I'm so glad you tweeted me about my tweet so I could remember how much I wanted to come back over to my friends' blogs again! You're so awesome!

  11. Hello fellow Mama, so glad you stopped by again. Yes, it's always fun reconnecting. I'm trying to be more consistent with blogging, but honestly, when things get hectic...it gets a bit quiet around here.