Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something Old, Something New

So I tried something new, which just happens to be something old, I tried writing in longhand. I've done this before and become so frustrated with how s  l  o  w the writing was I soon went running back to my ergonomic keyboard. I can type pretty fast and find that, when I'm really into the story, the words can fly pretty fast onto the page. Not to mention the minute to minute changes are like lightening and well, there's the many, many benefits of spellchecker---I love you spellchecker.

But something was different this time. I had just finished up a chapter that morning (on my computer) so I knew exactly where I was in the MS and also what needed to start off the next one. The kids and I were at the pool, they were playing and I was just sitting under the umbrella reading. I rummaged through the pool bag looking for food--me hungry--and pulled out the notebook I take with me everywhere with all my notes for the current WIP.

The pen was right there, shoved into the spiral coils.

Hmmm? Before I knew it, I had added an additional 500 words while my kids had their swim lesson without a computer in sight. It was like a ridiculous, backhanded epiphany. "You mean, I can like write, without a computer? Like, the way people have been doing for hundreds of years?"

See, as a stay at home during the summer mom, there are tons of times throughout the day when I'm just a nonparticipating supervisor: swim lessons, roller skating rinks, playgrounds, etc, etc. Usually, I just read. But now, thanks to the marvels of PEN and PAPER, I can write anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

Pen and paper people *shakes head in wondrous amazement*

It's slower, true. But my pad of paper is also not hooked up to the internet (that cunning marvel of distraction) and it was pretty interesting to see how quickly I filled up those sheets without informing twitter, not even once, that I was #amwriting.  


  1. I found that I get a lot more writing done if I do it long hand. Like you said, I can take it with me and I don't get distracted by all things internet!

  2. I can't write by hand... but if it works for you: tear it up!

  3. I've been pondering lately going back to pen and paper. Sometimes I think my ideas flow better on a laptop, but surely that is just habit? With two littles who have me moving around all the time, and a penchant for frittering my time on the computer away on Internet fun, I think longhand might be a smart idea, at least for a draft or two.

  4. It's been too long since I've done that. I'm forever scribbling on post-its and the back of receipts and random scraps of paper, but haven't actually written a substantial amount in way too long. Thanks for the reminder :)

  5. My best writing is done longhand. I'm not distracted by the internet or word count. And as I don't have a laptop, notebooks and pencils are portable.


  6. Sooo true! BTW, I LOVED Becoming Jane. I think about how she cut out little words she didn't like, so that the end product looked riddled with buckshot. Anyhoo, I told my hubby I had to start carrying a bigger purse so I could bring the caveman tools along wherever I went. :)