Sunday, June 12, 2011

How are you torn?

We're home! And we had sooo much fun. I will eventually post some pics once I get them off my camera but right now I felt the need to pontificate on home important I think breaks are.


This one was so perfect because it absolutely transitioned me (and fast) from full blown analytical work mode to relaxed, feeling very creative and ready to write mode. Apparently lying around on beaches and next to pools for 8 days with hardly a care in the world besides picking the next restaurant does wonders for activating the right brain. Well, that and a steady diet of Mai Tais and coconut battered shrimp.

I'm so excited about working on the current wip and feel so lucky to have this unencumbered time for the next two months to work on it. When I sat down to write yesterday and today, it was like getting reacquainted with old friends. I love my characters so much, they almost feel like real people to me.

And speaking of breaks and day job work and such, have I mentioned that I will be switching to a part time work schedule for next year? Yup. Husband and I discussed it and we both felt that I really needed the time to try and focus as much energy as possible on writing. So that is pretty freaking amazing and I'm very, very excited to have the opportunity to shift even more time towards writing.

Although, admittedly, it is bitter sweet because it meant having to switch schools for next year (last years school needs a full time psych) so I had to pack my office and say goodbye to some extremely amazing teachers and wonderful kids that I love. So, yeah, that's hard. I will miss them.

That's how I'm torn. I love what I do and working with kids. But I love reading, writing and all things books as well. I think I would write full time if given the opportunity but I can't imagine giving up working with kids. Maybe in a different capacity? Hmmm.

How are you torn between your life and writing? What choices and/or sacrifices have you made or see yourself making in order to pursue what you love?     


  1. Glad you had a good trip.

    Working part-time is a great compromise. You get to be with the kids you love working with, but still have lots of time for your creative writing side. Win win. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful break. Aren't they refreshing! And good luck with your writing.

  3. Wow--that sounds like an awesome vacation and I'm sure you'll get a lot done in the next few months! I have very similar feelings about my career, Sometimes I feel a bit guilty spending time on something I haven't made any money on yet because I have a really solid professional career. For the foreseeable future, I'll be doing both. But I do wonder what it would be like to write full time. Welcome back!

  4. Awesome Becky! Now that my kids are in school, we sacrifice extra money. But, I don't want to go back to teaching to put my kids in before and after school care when they've never had to do that. I still want to be here for them emotionally and when they're sick. So I don't feel bad. And I can write.

  5. Sounds like an absolutely fantastic vacation! Right now I get to try to balance between being a full-time stay-at-home mom and a writer. Which means, most days, that the writing takes a backseat. But that okay, because I know they aren't going to be young forever, or even for very long, so I just scribble what I can now and trust that someday there will be a more even balance!

  6. I've written while being a stay at home mom (before the kids started school) and now while working full time. Finding the balance is a challenge. When I was home, I often wrote before the kids got up and during their naps--when they still took them. But I have found it incredibly hard to write while working. It's like I can't get my brain to switch back and forth--not to mention the toll stress takes on the creative juices. Thanks for all the comments everyone. It's good to be home.

  7. Yep I'm a big believer in taking breaks. Then getting back to work. I always usually always write to a loose outline, too, it keeps me focused.

  8. It’s a constant battle to work on writing and being a parent... I hope to find a place I can write in peace until then—on with the fight.

  9. I think you made a great decision to focus on your writing. Best of luck!