Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you care? --Really?

Last week, I was reading what I thought was an honest and insightful blog post. You know, one of those rare birds that makes you cock your head and really think. So I clicked the comments to see what others where saying about it and was somewhat depressed to see that one of the first commenters decided to expound upon the author's incorrect use of 'it's' as opposed to 'its.'

All I could think was, "Really? Do people still do this?" To me it's the equivalent of watching a beautiful woman in evening wear descend a grand staircase. When she finally reaches you and flashes a radiant smile, the first words out of your mouth are, "There's lipstick on your teeth."

I used to be in a writers' group with a person who operated like a Word program. Every misspelling, every misuse--she would catch. She never had any comments about the other aspects of your writing: character development, plot, story arc--she was like our own private line editor. It should be no surprise to hear that when she would share her own work, it was flawless. Perfectly executed grammar, never a comma out of place, spelling that would make 5th grade teachers sing like a chorus of angels.

And characters that were flat and lifeless. Dialogue that rocked you to sleep. Pages and pages of, "Wait, what did I just read?"

So do I think typos are important? If there are so many that it becomes a distraction from the story, then yes. Also, they do make work look less professional and rushed, so we do need to try our level best to ferret out the infestations and eradicate them. But I absolutely do not think that a perfect grasp of the rules and regulations of usage are capable of making you a better writer. A more correct one?--sure.

Furthermore--a single typo in a blog post! Excuse me, but who the ---- cares? I don't know about you but personally, I've made a million mistakes in my life. Believe me when I say that typos are the least of them.


  1. Love this! So true. I could care less about a few typos. I care about content way more when I'm reading. Not to say we shouldn't do our best though.

  2. I agree--I don't know why that person even bothered to comment.

  3. Especially in a blog post or a DRAFT work. I always have typs or too many/too few works randomly scatter because I'm forever editing WIP. It is a WIP, after all, and not the finished product. If I can't be allowed to have a typo or two (or ten) in my blog posts, I might as well quit and go home.

    Great post, Becky.

  4. True. Sure, I notice them. I hate it when I do it and sometimes I go back and change it.
    But, really it isn't that important.

  5. Love this, because I have one friend - and she is a real life friend - who continually appears on my blog and my facebook etc etc to point out the little things that no one else gives a crap about.

    There have been times when this pedantic behaviour irritates me so much I have thought about cutting the strings of friendship, but then I just think that it says more about her than me. It is a result of low self-esteem.

  6. I never proof my posts or comments, I type and hit send and move on. If someone wants to judge me for it, then so be it, that just lets me know not to care what that person has to say. Life is too short and my time to tight to waste with people who see the negatives in everything.
    I grow from constructive criticism and neglect those cankers on the tong of life.

  7. becky: seems like there's one of these floating everywhere. I enjoyed your post, but you misspelled "----". It should be "#@*!" (LOL)