Saturday, May 14, 2011

Second Books

It could be because I'm staring at a blinking cursor hanging precariously between a block of text and an expanse of white, untouched virtual paper. Or it could be because summer is rapidly approaching and that means writing season's open for me. But whatever the cause, I've got second books on the brain.

The WIP right now is actually not my "2nd book" as in ever written. But it is the second in the series to the one currently out on submission. I've been spending a lot of my "writing time" thinking about where this next book goes. What parts from the first carry on and why are they important? What aspects are elaborated? And also, what gets left to die on the side of the road?

So here are my questions for you:

"What do you hate about some of the 2nds you've read?'
"What do you love about some of the 2nds you've read?"
"What series of books have disappointed you the most (i.e., you LOVED the first book and then lost the passion with the 2nd) and why?"

Actually, even if the author's next book was not a part of a series but you either loved/hated it more than the first--why?

1 comment:

  1. I like revisiting characters I've learned to love--even if I know they're going to be hurt again. That's the nature of storytelling anyway.

    I hate when the writer doesn't do something new with them but rather just rehashes old angst or old villains. Not in the sense that the first book didn't finish up the old villain, but writers who actually bring them back after they're dead, so they have to be dealt with again. Really? There couldn't be a new adversary?