Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MIddle March

My tulips are poking up.

Is it just me, or does everyone get overwhelmed in March? Every year it feels like this incredible, collective build up. Like everyone is beginning to panic just a tiny bit right before the climax of something. It seems to me that it happens every year and every year I feel stuck, unsure what all the build up is for.

I work in a school so it could be spring break, CSAP (Colorado's standardized tests), or the fact that there are only 50 instructional days left in the year and we all feel like we haven't done enough.

But I get the sense that non school people get just as worked up (maybe not you specifically, maybe you're completely zen and if so I'll take two of whatever you're having.)

Is it spring? Or impending spring? Are we just sick, sick, sick of brown grass and cloudy skies? The sound of scraping frost off the windshields first thing in the morning?

Kids who are stuck with only getting indoor recess?! Okay that's completely just me and any other adult that works in elementary education.

I went shopping last night and saw that the big switch had happened. There were bathing suits, shorts and flip flops for as far as the eye could see. After fingering some of the brightly colored spandex, I buttoned up my winter coat and trudged back out into the frozen night air.

It is also, completely and totally that I'm functioning full time in my left brain right now. I know this happens during busy times at school but it still makes me sad. My brain is working to analyze data and write psych reports, not fiction. Not right now.

But it's right there, right under the surface. Waiting to pop. Waiting for the time, the switch, the slide into that warm creative pool.

My tulips are poking up.


  1. Our tulips aren't poking out yet! Late march early April. I think we all just get sick of winter by this point! But our kids go outside all winter for recess unless it's raining or below 10 degrees with high winds. I'd get sick of a lot of indoor recess too.

  2. Hi Becky. You got some good reads I will check out.

    Well, your last blog line was poetry

    it's right there,
    right under the surface.
    Waiting to pop.
    Waiting for the time,
    the switch,
    the slide into that warm creative pool.

    To think, just our very thoughts are poetry we all miss out on, but a poet may notice it. In fact most of hat you have written can be turned into a mini short or poem.

    maybe that will get the other side of your brain thinking...

    It will come....

    Author of The Greek Seaman novel -eBook


  3. Laura, in CO if it is below 30 the kids are indoors. You can imagine how many of those we get in a school year--a ton.

  4. Thanks Jacqueline--now I'm off to check out your blog!

  5. Yay for tulips! Your post makes me want to go outside and check and see of some of mine are coming up. Unfortunately I couldn't tell without doing some major work because my garden was seriously unloved last fall. I still need to but back all the old stuff, which is covering all those bulbs. It was in the 60s today and absolutely gorgeous, and I was stuck inside. But thanks for the reminder, Becky.

  6. Hey Donna! Yes, I think the weather gods have heard my prayers...it's been gorgeous here the last 2 days!