Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost There

Four days.

Four days until Spring Break. I am completely, totally, wholeheartedly looking forward to this Saturday and the eight glorious days to follow.

Not for the reasons you may think. I really love working with kids...they are the one part of my job that I never, ever get sick of.

Paperwork, number crunching, cognitive testing, whining adults...those I'm sick to death of.


But the reason I'm completely jazzed about Spring Break has nothing to do with my job and everything to do with a little thing that happens to me when I'm not required to be quite so analytical.

No, I'm not going to be featured in an episode of Hot for Teacher Spring Break Edition Cabo 2011!!

But I am going to spend the time, every available minute of it in fact, writing. The follow up book to Ascendant to be precise which is actually already in progress with preliminary chapters and lots of structure outlined and planned--it's just sitting there waiting for me.

I can already feel the juice warming up. (That actually sounds kind of gross. Eeww) How about, I can tell I'm gearing up because of the places the old mind's been wandering to just lately.

I daydream about archetypes and flawed heroes, love triangles and scapegoats. I'm feeling in need of a Joseph Campbell marathon weekend (my kids hate when I do that!) and probably some Star Wars and Lord of the Ring (the kids love that though.)

I'm feeling like getting up early and staying up late. I'm feeling Big Story...Big. Like looking for all the behind the scene parlor tricks, figuring out how to steal that game and making it my own. I'm thinking dreams, shadows and notes. Reams and reams of notes.

I'm sensing a fat word count goal--20,000 in 8 days? Hmm, I'll sleep on that and get back to you. But one thing's for sure...

folks, the girl feels like writing.


  1. That sounds like heaven, Becky! Isn't it the best feeling when you absolutely cannot wait to sit down and write because you're bursting with ideas?

    Have a wonderful spring break!

  2. Woot! That would be awesome to be able to do that. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Don't let yourself be distracted.

  3. Oh, those evil, wicked distractions!

    I shall be vigilant.

    (but there are sooo many truly good ones out there.)

  4. Still poking around your blog. ;)

    Have fun writing!! It's so fantastic and exciting when you want to chase after your story and characters. I wish you an incredibly productive weekend/spring break.

    (And huzzah for Star Wars and Lord of the Rings! My kids love those, too.)