Friday, March 18, 2011

20,000 Words in 9 Days!

First, thank you everyone who's blogged and tweeted so far about my $50.00 Amazon Gift Card giveaway! Your entry, or entries, are noted and I can't wait to send someone some free book buying money! If you haven't entered, please do, you have until Tuesday the 22nd!

Now, about this coming week. As I've said in earlier posts, my intention this Spring Break week is to work as much as I can on my current WIP (currently titled Midheaven.) The question is, how much is "as much as I can."

I'm talking specifics here, I'm talking an end of week word count goal that I can then break down into daily, manageable chunks.

I have, in total, 9 days.

My intention is to have a completed rough draft of this novel by September 2011. (I do most of my writing over breaks from school--summer is huge for me.)

I toyed with this number earlier but it made me nervous. 20,000 words in nine days. That, plus what I already have completed, will send me into the summer months with a 1/3 of the book finished in the rough.

Okay, so here it is. My intention, promise, goal to myself--I will add another 20,000 words, starting tomorrow at 4:00 am (oh God) to Midheaven by the end of March 27th.

I'll let you know how goes it.

(any and all words of support and/or encouragement are totally appreciated)


  1. Wonderful and exciting. What a great way to ring in the holiday weekend of spring. Go you. As for getting up at 4AM. I love those early writing morning hours. So great. Hope you enjoy and most of all, HAVE FUN writing.

  2. Have fun!! (You are brave, taking on a 4AM start time! I would be a complete zombie. I don't even think coffee would help. O_O)

    You will do FANTASTICALLY. Go get those words! :D

  3. Thank you! I just need to get in the grove...the first step is always the hardest.

  4. Of course you can do it, Becky! And just keep writing---don't let yourself stumble. If the right word doesn't come, put in a place holder, plenty of time for editing after the first draft. I'll be footing for you!

    Thanks for reading my interview today over at Jen's unedited. :)

  5. Wish you the best! May the words flow like beer on St. Pattys Day!

  6. Thanks so much for coming by and following. I know you are already inspired, so go get them words.

    Lisa xx