Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 We're having a SNOW DAY!!! I love snow days, mostly because they are like this unexpected (and thus unoverplanned for) present of a day.

For the special occasion, I will be donning PJ's all day.

This picture is taken from my back door. This is, actually, an embarrassing, practically nonexistent amount of snow and hardly seems worthy of SNOW DAY status.

 I'm pretty sure the decision to cancel school all over the Denver metro area was based more on this.



  1. I know--it's crazy! Our windchill in Palmer Lake (in between Denver and C-Springs) was listed at negative 30 this morning! I'm just glad I did my grocery shopping yesterday and remembered to stock up on hot chocolate :) Stay warm!

  2. Jess, -30!! That's crazy.

    I'm also feeling fortunate to have full bottles of milk, cartons of eggs and plenty of coffee.

    My kids are begging, BEGGING, to go out. If we hit +5, they're out of here and sledding down that hill in the pic.

  3. My 2-year-old is begging to go out too, but I'm afraid her face will freeze before she has any fun.

    My 15-year-old is, of course, still sleeping and will get up at 10:00 and say, "Ooooooh, I'm soooooo tired!" She knew we had a delay last night, and chose to stay up watching the Lord of the Rings movies on her computer. We let her know it was a snow day around 6:00 AM, and she grumbled a brief "good" before drifting back to Snoozeland.

  4. Wow, and I was feeling bad as I've been basking in 75 degree weather for my family back home, but their low is only going to be 2--above 0.

    I remember one winter when I lived in Colorado Springs where we didn't get to 0 once in 30 days. When the temperature reached the 32 mark, we all tossed our coats and donned sweaters instead. It was funny because the following winter I was in Sacramento where it rarely got below that 32 mark and everyone chastised me for only wearing a sweater.

    Enjoy your snow day!

    Frostbite is not allowed.

  5. Donna, don't think I've forgotten your current, tropical, digs.

    How we adjust to temp is funny. When fall first hits, I'm busting out coats for 60 degrees. Once we're all used to the cold, we don't really bother with hats and gloves unless we're skiing.

    But it's always this time of year that I start thinking about living on the southern coast of somewhere.

  6. Snow days, rock. Good for you. Enjoy.

  7. That looks like a lot of snow to me. I don't think we'll ever get a snow day here (AZ)-it would be a miracle if we did. I saw snow year before last but it was gone in a couple of hours. Your picture looks beautiful.

  8. Eek! -20 is cold!!! We have a snow day too, but for me, that means a lot more work because they send school work home previously, so we don't have to make the school day up at the end of the year. I realize it's a fun day with family! And I'm lucky to squeeze some time for myself in - like now in the early morning.

  9. And we get another today! Wow, because of conferences Thursday and a teacher work day on Friday, my kids are getting an early spring break.

    I, on the other hand, will return to school tomorrow.