Thursday, February 24, 2011


Generally, I don't make a fuss, cause a stir, or make gratuitous attempts to draw attention on my birthday. But for some reason, this year I'm sayin, 

"To HELL with that! It's my 36th birthday!

In 36 years I have not:
  1. Been hit by a semi truck
  2. Been attacked by a shark in the Pacific
  3. Fallen off a cliff
  4. Overdosed on a deadly mixture of dark chocolate cake and Cabernet
In 36 years I have:
  1. Met and fallen in love with my husband
  2. Been blessed with 2 knock my socks off every day kids
  3. Seen some pretty fantastic places in this world of ours
  4. Met and befriended some pretty amazing people in this world of ours
  5. Written 2 books (and the 3rd is gestating)
  6. Finally figured out that, for the most part, I'm supposed to celebrate this life and try to enjoy as much of it as I can before I do get hit by a semi truck.
So that's exactly what I'm doing, I'm thanking God and being grateful for every single tiny day I have left on this planet because personally, I'm frigging ecstatic to still be here. 


  1. Hey, we're the same age! Well, I turn 37 in 2 weeks, but we're the same age for now. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy happy birthday! Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Michael, great! I was begining to think I was the only person grossly over the age of 23 trying to write YA. Although I do realize you're technically MG, still, us old folk got to stick together--like we could meet at Denny's or something for the early bird special.

  4. Thanks Jess. I'm going to have an awesome day. (and an even better weekend :)

  5. I'm a new follower. Sorry I showed up on a party day unannounced. :P Here's hoping you have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Hi Anne, party crashers are welcome (and appreciated.) Thanks for the wishes!

  7. Happy Birthday Becky. Enjoy Life and here's to lots of success on your third book.

    By the way, I guess you can be any age writing YA when you have memories, or say a spirit child is writing within you.

  8. Happy Birthday, Becky! Great attitude.

  9. Happy Birthday to you. I'm singing to you. Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, to you.

  10. Happy Birthday, Becky! Have fun celebrating with your family!

  11. Thanks everyone!
    Guess what, I'm writing this comment on my birthday present

    MY IPAD!!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Becky! Guess what? I'm 36 too! But this year, I'm one year older. *Sigh* I told my mom that I'm afraid of getting old. The aches and pains, losing my youth. But she told me she's never felt that and she enjoys every moment alive. What a great example she is for me.

    *Hugs* I enjoyed reading about you! Lookin forward to your A-Z challenge posts! ;0)

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  13. OMGosh! Happy (belated) Birthday! I'm sorry I missed that day!

    I hope it was wonderful, and wow an iPad, how awesome!