Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Are You Buying Books?

The New York Times has started reporting on E-Book bestsellers as their own category. Here is the new, I think easier to navigate, page with the E-Book category divided into fiction and nonfiction.

Since purchasing my Kindle last year, I've noticed a trend in my own book buying. For my "Keepers" as I like to call them, I'm still buying hardbacks. These are those books that I either know, or suspect, I will want to have around on my shelves for many moons. Often, I envision passing these books down and around and so I want their physical presence to remind of them every time I browse my own shelves.

My kindle has been filling up with all those books I would have purchases as either trade paper or mass market.

You might suspect that this suggests a literary genre divide. Maybe all of the Literature is still purchased in its rightfully enduring and sure to eventually gather dust and begin smelling like a fine book format? And this is true, I do buy books I think may end up on the future Must Read lists in hardback. But I have found that I also buy the hardbacks of genre fiction that I either really enjoy first on my kindle (they've had some emotional impact on me that I want to remember) or that are apart of a series that I suspect will become a genre classic for various reasons--sort of like owning a hardback of Carrie.
How are you buying the majority of your books these days?


  1. I don't have an e-reader so I'm still buying books that I can physically hold in my hand. I'm not sure if or when I'll make the switch to reading with a reader. Besides, I like to have those books in my bookshelf. It makes me happy :)

  2. Hi Kimberly, yes even with my Kindle...I still love physical books.

    Although I also totally love

    1. Have a variety of books with me at any given time (i.e., places where I wait)

    2. Being able to read lying on my back, side and/or stomach without holding a book open (yes, this is laziness.)

  3. I have books in 3 media--I have my paper copies, my audiobooks, and now my ebooks. I've finally broken away from having both paper and audiobooks.

    I have so much more time available for reading via audio than I do for sitting down to read, that I LOVE my audios.

    But I do find myself looking first to see if a book is available on my Nook before I go after the paper version.

    But, like you Becky, if I really love a book I almost have to have it in paper (so far). I get things out of an audio read that I don't in a visual read and vice versa.

    My big question is what happens to my ebook collection when my Nook finally dies? I hope it won't be like iTunes where you can only have it on so many comps (and each time you reformat your hard drives counts as a different comp).

  4. Good points Becky, that might be a good reason for me to get some type of e-reader!

  5. I'm about half and half. Mostly depending in price. If what I want to read is half price or more of hard copy I buy the ebook. Otherwise I buy the hard copy.

  6. I still don't have an e-reader, so it's straight to the bookstore for me. Sometimes I order on Amazon, but the bookstore is a nice getaway and my daughter (okay, me too) likes to browse around the kiddie section.

  7. No e-reader for me either. I like curling under the covers with a real book.

  8. For me it's both. And it's also about what is cheaper. Some books I've bought on the Kindle that I wouldn't have got print b/c of the cost or the wait for the paperback - and I think that's good for the author. But some books I've read and loved and hope to snag as a real book.