Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When Is It Time To Move On?

 I've been writing (with the intention of publishing) since 2002. It's not that long in publishing years, but so much has changed even in just that last nine years from a consumer perspective...it's pretty mind boggling. When I was first getting serious, there wasn't much out there in the way of writer, agent, and/or publishing blogs in general. Most agents didn't accept email queries, heck back then I still didn't know what a "query" was--Now why am I going to want to ask agents a question?

Since then, I've belonged to a several writers' groups, attended a few conferences, and read approximately 52,468 blog posts by aspiring writers.

And I'll have you know, I've been paying attention. For one, many of us, probably not you, but some of us show just the slightest tendency towards "personal self reflection" that actually borders on obsession coupled with a penchant for red wine consumption. Like I said, probably not you.

But there's something else. I've noticed is that, sometimes, writers get stuck on one book, or one book idea.  When is enough enough?

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