Monday, January 17, 2011

National Western Stock Show

Here are my pics from our family outing to the National Western Stock Show yesterday. I have grown a bit tired of driving in the snow here in Colorado, so the kids and I were checking out John Deer's latest All-Terrain family vehicle. But, on closer inspection I realized that not only does this model not have a third row of seats, it doesn't have a backseat at all. Once the salesman explained that, "Well ma'am, we don't put DVD entertainment systems on any of our John Deers." I thanked him for his time and WALKED.

I tweeted yesterday that there would be pictures of cows...so for all of you who have been waiting with bated breath, here you go.

Show cow

If you want to see thousands of perfect cattle (you know...if that's your thing) all under one roof, this is the place. But I was surprised to find empty spray cans of black, brown and white paint left behind in cow pens and actually witnessed (witnessed!) breeders applying coat after coat of paint to their cows. Turns out, the National Western Stock Show is really just the 90210 of the cattle world. All the ladies have had some professional help obtaining their lustrous shiny hides. 
Another show cow

And finally...
For you city folk, this is not a cow, it's a sheared sheep
And lest you start thinking it was all about the barnyard, let me correct you. They had all sorts of pitchmen hawking a gamut of must have items. From the Waterless Cookware to the machine that jiggled the holiday fat off your butt (my son was disturbingly distracted by one shapely woman who took the jiggler for a test drive.) They are also happy to sell you a truckload of turquoise and silver bangles to accentuate your western wear and S#@% kickers.

Son inspecting Pieces of Eight coins from salvaged ship
Daughter (hand on hip and looking like her mother) waiting to make rope
And finally, our chariot back to the parking lot
Over all, a pretty great day.


  1. That does look like a fun day. Very cool.

  2. Hey Whisk! We had a ton of fun. We take the kids almost every year and I can tell you, it's much easier telling them, "Watch out! Don't step in that poop!" then it is trying to navigate a double stroller through it. I'm totally loving being a mom to kids who don't need diapers ;)

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