Thursday, December 2, 2010


I miss LOST. I loved that show. Does anyone know of a good substitute? I'm never up on the latest "best new series" until at least a season or two in, but LOST was one that had me at hello. I miss our Wednesday nights, LOST. The kids were always in bed on time so I could curl up on the couch with a Cabernet and a blanket. Remember how we almost killed Husband because of his incessant questions?

Husband: "Now, who's that guy?"
Me: (eye roll) "If you're not going to watch every episode than don't ask me questions!"
Husband: "You don't know, do you."
Me: (silent ignoring) 
Husband: "What's the significance of the numbers?"
Me: (glaring, pointing to show that has not yet paused for commercial) "Shhh!"
Husband: "This show is stupid."
Me: (reaching for the embroidered throw pillow to smother him with)
I don't have cable. I don't have a dish, or TiVo...we do have two ears that nearly touch the ceiling that are attached to a knob that has to be fine tuned every time you change the channel. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "You'll rot your brain!" kind of mom, but I have found that since we got rid of our 300++ channels a few years ago, we all watch significantly less tube.  Computer man husband has us hooked up to Netflix so we can watch streaming things on the TV...very handy. And I'm currently waiting on the latest seasons of Mad Men (love, love, love this show) and Californication (like this show) to release onto DVD, but in the mean time,

I miss LOST.

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  1. Hi Becky: We don't have TV either, we do the Netflix and we love it. Just fantastic. Been enjoying Eureka - commercial free. Have you seen it?

    We don't have TVs in the bedroom either. Just books, writing stuff and more books.