Friday, December 10, 2010

End of Year Creep!

I have been walking around with looming dread. It started yesterday morning with the inability to force myself out of the bed, I just kept looking at he clock and rolling away from it, then freaking out because it was getting later and later but I wasn't getting up. I gave myself a pep talk,

"Becky, the coffee is downstairs and you have that new super cool machine that makes you a lovely hot cup of motivation in less than a minute. If you get your lazy butt out of bed right now, I promise you can have as many cups as you need this morning. You can even pour half a cup of French Vanilla Coffee Mate in every one and I promise not to judge. But please, get up now!"

And still, it took me another twenty-five minutes and a full bladder to pry myself out of bed at which point I am flat out ignoring the clock because there is just no way anyone is getting anywhere on time today. But I'm up and figuring how I'm going to cram forty-five minutes of morning prep work into the fifteen available when my darling daughter walks in sleepy and rubbing her eyes, "Mom, I'm supposed to dress up like Little House on the Prairie today." I take a very long sip of coffee and nod my head, "Well of course you are. That makes perfect sense. Now let me see...where did I leave that wand?"

This is, of course, all my fault. But I'm wondering, what is the problem?

Never mind it's almost Christmas break and the kids at school are practically crawling the walls. That I have purchased all of three Christmas presents for the twenty-five on my list. My own kids suddenly have a flood of activities at their school that require me to Mama Up and make unscheduled trips to stores, dig out glue guns, and schedule time to make appearances so they don't become some other family's adopted third wheel at the annual Holiday Breakfast for Students and Their Families! I have sent off revisions to Wonderful Agent but I keep obsessing and worrying that they weren't right, or good enough, or written in English. My house is a mess, library books are overdue and all the plants need water!


Yes folks, it's that time of year...the holidays. I would probably be completely bald from stress if it wasn't for the knowledge that in nine more days, I will be spending a solid two weeks in nothing but slippers and fluffy, fleece pjs.


  1. Whisk,

    Ha! I am soooo jealous.

    Some day...some day.

  2. Hey Becky: Thanks for dropping by. Thought I'd come by again and see what you were up to today. It's cold here but as I am still in my robe, I don't so much mind.

    And soon, you'll get to spend time in your slippers, robe and jams, too.

    Life is good.

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