Friday, November 19, 2010

Breaking Up?

 I started a blog here a couple of months ago while finishing my first young adult novel and beginning the search for representation...but it never felt quite right. I don't know why, plenty of people have perfectly wonderful LiveJournal accounts and blogs. But I found I kept messing with the template and design. One day dressing it up in a simplistic midnight blue the next in a tri column autumn, another day I was back to the simple design but with a dark red header--nothing felt right or "me" and quite frankly it felt like I was having some kind of blog sphere schizophrenic identity crisis.

And then, one day (today in fact) I thought, It's not me...it's you!

 That's right. I think it's you LiveJournal with your blockish feel and mandatory ads ( I'm not willing to pay for my blog!) It's you with your limitations and your insistence on posting my avatar picture on every single entry! (in truth, this could just be operator error...I'm a writer not a web designer, geesh!)

So, I've decided. I'm breaking up with you LiveJournal! (maybe) That's right, I'm moving in with Blogger! (we're going to see how things work out.) Blogger is easier on the eyes (there, I said it) he's flexible and knows how to treat a woman who majored in Liberal Arts instead of Computer Science.

(I'm going to continue to see them both temporarily. After all, LiveJournal and I have history, however brief, and I could just be having yet another schizophrenic blog moment.)


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